• Complete Overhaul
    • Standard Bike Tune
    • Removes components from bike to frame/fork
    • Overhaul and repack all bearing surfaces-includes new grade 25 bearings (inspect cartridge bearings additional for cartridge bearing replacement)
    • Replace all cables/housings with new cables/housings
    • Check proper torque specification on all specified bolts
    • Extra charge for excessively dirty bikes
    • Additional charge for cartridge bearing replacement
  • Basic Tune
    • Check shifting
    • Check brakes
    • Light wheel true
    • Adjust hubs
    • Adjust bottom bracket
    • Adjust headset
    • Lube chain
  • "Great customer service. Quick turnaround on bike tune up. They packed up our bike for shipping in the perfect size box to avoid extra shipping fees. Will definitely be returning!"

    Lorinda Field

Services Pricing
Minimum Shop Fee $5.00
Wheel true $12.00-$20.00 depending on severity
Repair estimates Free
Tubular glue-clean rim $35.00
Glue tubular tape $25.00
Tubular glue-previously glued $35.00 + $20.00/hour cleaning time
Tube / Tire change $5.00
Computer install(includes programming) $14.00
Dual sensor computer install(includes programming) $18.00
Fender install $14.00
Rack install $10.00
Bottom bracket overhaul / install $18.00
Bottom bracket adjust $10.00
Rear hub overhaul Standard hub only.
***Does not include King/DT/Mavic etc.
Front hub overhaul $14.00
Headset overhaul $16.00
Headset install/headtube prep $30.00 or $18.00 no head tube prep.
Headset adjust $6.00
Bottom bracket frame prep $30.00
Face disc brake mounts $12.00/per brake
Derailleur adjust $6-12/per derailleur
Align derailleur hanger $10.00
Front hub adjust $6.00
Brake adjust/brake pad install $6.00 – 20.00
Brake bleed/adjust $25.00
Install cables $10.00 + adjustment
Install chain $6.00
Handlebar tape install $12.00
Box bike $35.00 includes box and packing materials
Wheel build $45.00
Wheel lace over $24.00
Shop Rate $65.00